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A few changes to the website. There were a number of items that have been out of stock for a while and, as it stands at the moment, I do not have any intention of re-making them. I have moved then to a new section Discontinued Items (available on the menu). If you are interested in any of these items just get in touch and we can discuss re-making them.


New Additions to the Website 

Balloon Behaving Badly                       
Picture Game
Teddy Bears' Picnic                            30
Spaceship Shenanigans                       60
Racing Camels                                      60

Best Sellers at Trix in the Stix 2015

Balloon Bar                                            30
Performance Barrier                             90
Racing Camels                                        60


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David - Pet Shop is fantastic. Love it.
                                                                                                    Lee Bell

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Welcome to the Web Site of Made to Measure Magic (MMM) originally launched in September 2004. To find out more about the background to MMM look at the 'About MMM' page.


This was part of our stand at Blackpool Convention 2011

Compare this with our stand at Kidology 2006 (shown below)

                                                                                  Where to see M2MM

Made to Measure Magic should be at the following Conventions/Magic Days during 2017


MMM specialise in making 'one offs' to customer's requests so if you have an idea or see a trick in a magazine or book that you are unable to make yourself then just ask us for a price. See 'Made to Measure'

We also carry a stock of standard items which are available for you to look at on this site.

Remember: Virtually everything we sell is made by us so there is no 'middleman'. That probably means our prices are the lowest around.

The products are arranged in categories just click on any of the categories and take a look. 

How to Contact Us:

By Email:

By Telephone: 01327 342770

By Mail: Bramble Cottage
             Orchard Close
             NN7 4TN

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