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About Made to Measure

I have been producing props for my own use and for friends for over thirty years and a several years ago decided to widen my circle of customers under the name Kitchen Table Magic. The principal service offered was to produce 'one off' items so:

  • if you need a standard prop produced to an unusual size or colour - I can provide

  • if you see an item described in a magazine or book but are unable to make it yourself - I can provide

  • if you want anything out of the ordinary - I can probably provide

If this is the service you are interested in, click Made to Measure

Remember: Virtually everything we sell is made by us so there is no 'middleman'. That probably means our prices are the lowest around.

When I started attending some of the smaller conventions (as a new dealer it is very difficult to break into some of the Conventions/Magic Days) to tell Magicians about my service it seemed appropriate to carry a stock of standard items to show the quality of the work and these products are shown on this site

I know there are lots of people out there who only do the occasional performance - maybe for your child’s birthday party or the party of a friend. For such people the cost of props is prohibitive because they do not use them sufficiently often to justify the purchase. Perhaps you are trying to break into children’s magic but can not afford the cost of the equipment you need. This is where Made to Measure Magic (MMM) can help. We aim to produce a range of standard items at a reasonable price aimed at your type of performer.

The quality of the items is fine for the market at which they are aimed and they are probably cheaper than you will find elsewhere. We are not craftsmen but capable ‘Do-it-Yourselfers’ and much of our stock is literally made ‘on the kitchen table’ – hence the original name for the company was ‘Kitchen Table Magic’. Please have a look and you might be surprised.

At the beginning of 2007 a limited company took over the trading name so it became Stardax Limited T/A Made to Measure Magic but do not worry the company is totally controlled by me (David Baxter), my wife Sue and my son Andy who helps us at the major conventions.

At the present time my list is fairly small but if the concept proves popular it will be enlarged. If there is any standard item that you need but believe is too expensive for the amount you will use it, discuss the matter with me and I’ll see what I can do for you. 

Please note I will not copy items that are the property of other dealers.


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