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Balloons Behaving Badly

idea by David Tomkins



It is time for your helper to try and win a balloon model. A tall, decorated box is displayed. Sticking out of the top are three inflated, different coloured balloons (260 type modelling). Your helper is asked to choose either, say, red yellow or blue? Before they have the chance to answer, the red balloon goes pop! Oh well, two left. Which would they like? Blue or yellow? Suddenly the yellow goes pop! One left. Would they like blue, blue or blue?!? The blue goes off pop too! Oh no you say. As you gaze into the empty bag. The box is put down, the three balloon remains are taken, and placed into a small cloth bag so that your helper can dip in and select one to mend by magic. They take out ,say, red. This is handed to them as a prize (joke) and then taken back and dropped into the box. Picking up a folder, you read out various comedy magic spells, asking for the best one to be chosen. Eventually, the best one is recited. The helper looks into the box, reaches in, and lo and behold! Out comes a ready made balloon animal in the selected colour. This, of course, they keep. 



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