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Basic Prop £40
(You need at least one of the items below to perform any of the routines)

Props for Card Shop £10
Props for Fairy Gertrude £15
Props for Rudolph's Nose £15
Props for Magic Jigsaw £20
Props for Christmas Trees £20
Props for Which Witch £15
Props for Picture Game £25
Props for Teddy Bears' Picnic £30 (£20 if you already have a Devil's Hank)
Props for SpaceShip Shenanigans £60
Clowning Around £25


To see a video demonstration of any of these items, click the link below:

Card Shop         


Fairy Gertrude


Rudolph's Nose


Magic Jigsaw 


Teddy Bears' Picnic


Picture Game


Spaceship Shenanigans


Clowning Around


Card Shop: The Magician asks the birthday child if they have received a card from him. When they reply ‘No’, he says that is because he did not send one.

However, he will be able to get a card because he has brought the Card Shop with him. The model shop is shown with a bright red door and the words ‘Card Shop’ in yellow.

The Magician opens the door to get the card out but there is nothing there. The door is closed and the children say the magic word. This time when the door is opened, there is a card - but it is blank. It is removed from the shop and the door closed. The card is examined and then replaced in the shop and the children say the magic word again. This time when the door is opened, the card has a picture on it and an inscription to the birthday child inside (along with your advertising material of course). The card is handed to the child. Supplied with 5 cards. Further cards can be obtained from Made to Measure Magic or you can get your own printed locally.

Fairy Gertrude: The Magician opens the castle door and produces Fairy Gertrude saying that she will assist him in a trick. She is placed in an envelope to represent a cabinet and returned to the castle. The magic words are said and the castle door removed. The envelope is still there but the Magician peeps into it and says she has disappeared. The children do not believe him and ask to be shown. The Magician agrees that there is a fairy in the envelope but when he pulls it out – it is a fairy……….. cake. The children want him to turn it round but when he does it is another fairy – fairy…………liquid.  

Gertrude really has vanished. The children say the magic word and when the Magician opens the castle door, Gertrude has returned. 

Based on an idea by Graham Boylan and developed by David Baxter.

Rudolph's Nose: A third routine (Based on ‘Rudolph the Reindeer’ from Poz’s book Poz-itive Kids Magic with some ideas from Val Mann (Mrs Tipsy)) for our very popular Card Shop/Gertrude set. You know the set up – you buy any one of the items and then you only need to buy the extra bits to do the extra effects. 

Rudolph is in his house. You remove the door to show him to the children but he has no nose. You replace him in his house and wave a red silk but when you open the door he has a green nose. You replace him again and wave the silk once more – this time when you open the door he has a bright red nose.  

May not sound much but with Poz’s routine it is sure to be a hit at Christmas.

The Magic Jigsaw:The door is opened and two plastic plates are removed from the house. They are held together with elastic bands and have a jigsaw between them. The jigsaw is removed and the bands replaced around the plates which are returned to the house. The pieces of the jigsaw are placed in a change bag or other vanishing prop (provide your own) and when the children say the magic word the pieces disappear. Where could they be? The door of the house is opened again and there is the jigsaw returned between the plastic plates.

This is the fourth item in our range that uses the same basic prop.

Christmas Trees/Lollipops: Five coloured Christmas tree (or lollipop) pictures are placed one at a time back outwards into the Christmas tree shop. The door is removed and a child has to guess what colour the first tree is. Whether they are right or wrong they get a round of applause. When four trees have been discarded you say that is all of them but the children will tell you there is still one left. They guess what colour it is but when you turn it round it is a picture of Father Christmas. You are provided with five coloured lollipops so you can do the trick all year round.

Which Witch: This idea by Burger Bill is another add on for our Card Shop routine it is basically the same as Fairy Gertrude but with Pumpkin door, a Witch which vanishes to be replaced by Which magazine and a Sand..Witch.



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