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Character Match by Steve Dimmer

A standard card trick adapted for a children’s audience with a special card stand so that everything is visible.

A pack of ‘character’ cards is displayed on a stand. The pack is removed and shown to be different characters. (There are a range of these cards available and you can choose from Postman Pat, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princesses, Monsters Inc., etc…). The magician removes two cards and displays them face outwards on the stand. The cards are dealt into the houlette that is integral to the stand until a child says stop. The place is marked with one of the cards the magician selected. This process is repeated.

The cards are fanned and the magician’s selection removed along with the adjacent card. These are displayed on the stand provided. The magician’s card is face outwards and the backs of the cards selected by the children are on show alongside. When the children’s cards are turned around they are seen to match the predictions made by the magician.



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