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DIY Doll's House  195

Video demonstration:


Do you need a New Rabbit Production? This effect is the brainchild of Paul Kybert, a very experienced professional performer whom many of you will know.

Paul came to me in 2009 with this idea and I immediately liked it but due to pressure of other work I did nothing with it. However, for Kidology 2009, I devoted some time to building a prototype and liked the idea even more when I saw it built. Paul came over to view it and agree a deal and he was as enthusiastic as I was. He wanted the first one produced but I did not let him as I wanted the first !!


The self assemble house and tool box      The house is assembled                 Drop the door and there he is!
                 Tools not included

The premise is that you have a self assembly house which you assemble in front of the children using your toolkit. Lots of opportunity for business such as hitting your thumb or dressing the helper up in a hard hat. When the house is complete and the roof put on you stand back to admire and when you open the front - there is your live rabbit. It can be performed surrounded and there are no hanging bags. There are many purchasers using this with a soft toy rather than a rabbit. Size of load chamber (approx) 12 inches by 5.75 inches by 6.5 inches high.

Includes a bag to carry all the parts of the Doll's House.

"This is the best rabbit production I have seen in 30 years" - Chris Cullen.



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