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Happy Birthday Mary

A fun filled routine that climaxes with the production of a personalised birthday card.

A frame is shown with the words ‘Happy Birthday’ painted on it. The phrase is completed by letters on individual pieces of wood to complete the phrase ‘Happy Birthday Mary' (substitute the child’s name). Unfortunately you tip the frame up and the letters fall out. The children will help you put them in, in the right order. After much byplay you say that to make it harder you will turn the frame around and they must tell you where to put each letter without knowing which letter it is. It is no surprise that when you turn it around the letters are in the wrong order. Again you remove the letters and turn the back to the children. This time you allow the birthday child (Mary) to tell you in which slots to put the letters and when you turn it around she has chosen correctly and the frame spells ‘Happy Birthday Mary’. As a climax you pretend to make a photocopy of the frame and hand the birthday child a birthday card that is a copy of the message on the frame – with your publicity details inside, of course. 

Pack of five birthday cards included. 

Additional cards for the above trick.   


Pack of 10.


Pack of 20   




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