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Mutilated Umbrella    85
Carry Bag available 15

Video demonstration:


An umbrella is shown, opened up and displayed to the audience. Having closed it up, it is placed into an umbrella stand and a handle left in full view.

 Eight silks are produced and placed into a black bag and the magician states that they will be joined together by magic. After shouting the magic word the bag is ripped open to show that the silks have disappeared and the umbrella cover shoots into the air. Where could the silks be and what has happened to the umbrella? The umbrella is removed from the stand and instead of a cover has a silk tied to the end of each spoke. The umbrella is opened up and twirled making a very pleasant sight and getting an immediate reaction from the audience.

 The effect is normally concluded at this point but you could, if you wished, exchange the cover for the silks and show the umbrella restored.

 Complete with two umbrellas, umbrella changing stand and all the silks.

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