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Pet Shop - 150
Carry Bag 15

Video demonstration


You introduce the Pet Shop which appears empty and there is some fun with the Open/Closed sign and a carrot which leads into a set of laminated cards with pictures of various animals. As you go through them the children are encouraged to make the appropriate noise (You've guessed - it is basically Farmyard Frolics).

When you come to the rabbit it is turned round and placed back out in the opening in the Pet Shop. After some funny business with coloured wands (provided) the card is removed from the Pet Shop and turned round to show it has vanished (just a black cut out remains). However the children will be shouting out that it has not vanished as there is now a live rabbit in the Pet Shop.

A set of Rabbit Rampage cards by Razamatazz Magic are included with this item now (as used in the video performance) rather than the clip art pictures shown in the picture above.

A great idea and routine by Chris Cullen.

Carry bag available.


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