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Road Safety Bag    £35

A great trick with lots of audience participation but with an underlying serious message.

Two handkerchiefs are shown. One has a picture of a red man, one a picture of a green man. These are the same type of men as seen on pedestrian crossings with lights. This give a great opportunity to explain about the red and green men and what they mean and instil a bit of road safety. A bag is shown to be empty and the red and green men placed inside. You will try and make them change colour – this give lots of opportunity for gags eg. You look into the bag and say “Yes. They have changed colour. Now I’ll change them back again”. When you remove them from the bag the children will be shouting that they never changed colour so you offer to take them out of the bag when the colours are different. After saying the magic words you remove the red man and say “ The green man has turned red”, remove the green man and say “and the red man has turned green”. More shouts of disbelief from the children.

Replace the handkerchiefs in the bag and the next time you remove them they are plain coloured. This provides an opportunity to explain how to cross the road when there are no lights. You now turn the bag inside out to show that the red and green men are firmly sewn to the inside of the bag.


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