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Racing Camels 60 or Racing Snowmen 60



Firstly, a big thank you to Joseph Jay of Sheffield who suggested I made the first set of Racing Camels.

You get a set of four brightly coloured camels or snowmen. Each one is attached to a plastic tube by a length of cord.

Four children (or adults) sit or stand side by side with the strings extended and the camels/snowmen at the opposite side of the room. When you give the signal the children start to rotate the tube causing the camels/snowmen to move towards them. The one who gets their camel/snowman across the room first is declared the winner.

As an alternative, you can get the competitors to stand with their backs towards the camels/snowmen and bend over so that the cord goes between their legs. It is still a competition to race the camels/snowmen across the room.

You will have great fun with this item.

I have made this in different versions including farm animals, rabbits. Just let me know your requirements and I will give you a price.


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