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Road Blox- £45

This is a picture of the prototype. The production model has been left with a plain wood finish like many childrenís toys and the green and blue bricks are brighter colours

This idea was given to me some time ago by Paul Sylvestor. We both agreed that the trick known as Bloxo was good but was more of a puzzle than a trick. Paulís idea was to convert the box into a lorry and make it into a childrenís trick with a story. You show a lorry with a load of five coloured blocks. You demonstrate that when the lorry went round corners all the blocks fell out so the driver had the idea of pushing a rod all the way through  to keep them in place. Ask a child to choose their two favourite colours. All the blocks are loaded into the lorry again, the rod pushed through and the door closed. All five coloured blocks can be seen in place through the holes in the door. However, when you tip the lorry up to simulate going too fast round a corner the two chosen colours appear to penetrate the rod and fall from the lorry. The other colours remains on the rod.



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