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Poz's Snowman Trick  £85

based on an idea by Graham Boylan


Video Demonstration



Effect (In Poz’s words): ‘It snowed so I made a snowman. I stood back to look at it and realised it needed a hat. Whilst indoors looking for a hat, a naughty boy threw a snowball at his head and knocked it off. I didn't have time to mend it so took it inside to keep it warm. The kids will tell you it will melt. So you fan it to cool it then you put the head in the fridge -which turns out to be an oven. The head disappears. The children pretend to throw snowballs into a paper bag. The bag is placed on top of the snowman's body and the children try to knock it off with their snowballs eventually the bag is removed and the head is back. ‘

Those words do not do justice to this great routine.

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