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Teddy Bears' Picnic    £65

Video demonstration:



A superb routine for younger children. A variation of Ray King’s Mr Men Trick

The Magician shows a number of pictures of different Teddy Bears. They are going on a picnic and all meet at one of the Teddy’s houses. The house is shown and the final Teddy removed. The house is empty. The woods where the Teddy Bears are going are also shown.

There is now lots of scope for business as you ask the children what the Bears would take on the picnic. After the Bears have eaten the picnic they decide to play a game in the woods. The children will suggest hide and seek. All the Bears are place in the woods to hide – but it is getting late and dark and the Teddies are all lost. Luckily a Wizard lives in the woods (card is shown and placed in the woods). The Wizard says the magic words, helped by the children, and the Teddy Bears disappear from the woods. Only the Wizard remains.

Where could the Teddies be? The children will tell you back in the house so you open the door and the Teddy Bears have returned to the safety of the house.

You can now give a short safety speech if you wish, telling the children to always stay close by the adults that have taken them out then they will not get lost.


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