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Walking Stix

I have been manufacturing and selling my version of Mutilated Umbrella for nearly 10 years. It has been one of my best sellers. The only thing that puts some people off is the size of the prop so now we have Walking Stix which is small enough to fit into your Roll On Table and weighs much less than the Mutilated Umbrella. A plastic walking stick is removed from the tube. You are provided with acrylic ‘jewels’ to fill it but you could use sweets or silks. The contents are removed from the walking stick and the stick replaced in the box. The contents are vanished in a change bag or a Devil’s Hank (not provided) and when the walking stick is removed from the tube (the child can remove it if you wish) it has refilled with the contents. If you used sweets you could give the filled umbrella away filled with sweets.

This item was the idea of Steve Dimmer.





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