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Wand Store

Based on an idea by Steve Dimmer and developed by David Baxter


A box which represents the magicianís wand cupboard is shown. The front door is opened to show it empty and the back and front doors can be opened together to show right through the box. 

The magician explains that the wands are invisible when they are in the cupboard and you can only see them when they are removed from the cupboard. Having established that a wand is black with white ends, you produce a wand from the cupboard that is red. The children tell you it is the wrong colour. You return it to the cupboard. You remind the children that when a wand is in the cupboard they cannot see it. You open the door and the children will shout that they can see it. You remove it from the cupboard and close the door. You return the wand to the cupboard and remove a blue one. You can repeat the business of opening the door and the children telling you that they can see the wand as often as you like. There are a yellow wand, a green wand and a striped wand before finally getting it right and producing the correct black and white wand which can be used throughout the rest of the show. Alternatively it can be used as a running gag producing a different coloured wand to use in the next trick.

 Complete with six coloured wands.

 Can also be used to produce anything that will fit into the load chamber.


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