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Terry Herbert's Wishing Box £45


A fantastic routine straight from Terry Herbert's own show.

Ideal to produce a gift for the birthday child. Terry generally uses this routine with a girl but you can use it with a boy simply by changing the gift.

The birthday girl is invited out to help. You show a small box and say it is a wishing box. Whatever you wish for will appear inside. You have a discussion with the girl and she wishes for a ring. The box is shown empty. She places her hand on the box and wishes. The lid is opened and a small package is removed and handed to the girl to open. There is nothing inside !

The package is returned to the box and the girl places her hand on the top again. Music starts to play. The music is recognised as happy Birthday and the audience are encouraged to sing along. The lid is opened. The package is still there and is handed to the girl again. This time, when she opens it, there is a ring for her to keep.

This is a lovely quiet routine with an excellent climax. If you wish to see Terry’s performance of this trick it appears on his Video/DVD ‘Children’s Magic the Herbert Way’.

The manufacturing and marketing rights to this item are owned by Paul Stone who has kindly agreed that Made to Measure Magic may produce and sell it.

Usually available in Red or Blue.




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