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Balloon Cabinet Illusion       325

Carry Bag available 25


The illusion pictured is the original model built. It has had some improvements since that time. For example it is now fitted with castors so that it can be revolved. The side view is particularly impressive because it looks full of balloons.

Lots of Children's Entertainers are closing their show with an illusion these days and this is my offering.

The child enters the cabinet from the back. The only part that is enclosed is the chest to the waist. The front and back doors are closed and balloon swords pushed through the sides at all angles. When the front door is opened the child's middle can not be see it is just a mass of balloons.

In the last 18 months I have made a couple of head cabinets to order but I have never personally liked the idea of putting a child's head in an enclosed space this seems to be the perfect solution and adds a significant prop to close your show.

It is small enough and light enough to travel assembled but it packs flat with the removable of 12 wingnuts (no tools are needed).

A bag is available to carry the parts when packed flat - cost 25.

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