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Race for the Stars  £60

Video Demonstration


The competition is between 2 children (gold team & silver team) the object is to decorate the tree with all 6 of their team's stars. They each take turns in answering a Christmas themed what colour is Rudolph's nose?...questions are really easy…(a list of up to 12 questions each suffices, but can finish after 7 questions each depending on luck!!). When they get the question right they drop the dice on the floor it reveals a number which then matches the number on a star…that numbered star is placed onto the tree….the first few turns start to load up the tree…..

SURPRISE ELEMENT!!! If then a team reveals the same number that has already been put onto the tree by their team ….then they forfeit that turn with no star on the tree....ALSO if that number has not been ALREADY selected by the OTHER  team….then the other teams star is placed onto the tree…(THIS HELPS SPEED UP THE GAME ALSO ADDING DANGER TO THE GAME!!!!)

Eventually the audience are in a frenzy shouting for their teams number to be can be very often the case that the teams final winning star is placed onto the tree by the other team throwing the wrong number!

Tree and base splits in to three pieces for ease of transport. Bag provided to hold all parts together.



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