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Las Vegas Liaison   10

An excellent prediction trick with five climaxes.

The magician shows a pack of cards that have been made up of pairs of cards from different Las Vegas casinos. He spreads the pack faces towards himself and removes two prediction cards face up on the table. Turning the pack face down he deals cards onto the table until the spectator calls stop. One of the prediction cards is placed face up to mark the position. The process of counting is repeated with the spectator calling stop again and the second prediction card marking the position.

The pack is spread and the prediction cards and the adjacent card (ie. the one the spectator stopped at) are removed.

The backs of the first pair of cards are shown to match ie. they are both from the same casino.

The backs of the second pair of cards are shown to match ie. they are both from the same casino.

Each of the prediction cards is shown to have found its mate ie. if the prediction cards are the 3 of diamonds and 6 of hearts the paired card will be the 3 of hearts and the 6 of diamonds.

On turning the pack face up all the cards are shown to be a different colour to the four face up cards on the table.

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