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Name That Casino 15

The Magician says that he needs the spectator to choose a playing card but feels that if he spreads the pack out in front of him he may feel that his choice is being influenced. He therefore asks him to think of any card that he wishes (no force). Magician then says he will name the card and states the name of a Las Vegas casino (eg. The Mirage). The spectator looks puzzled so the Magician says he has not explained properly. He asks the spectator the name of the card he was thinking of and spreads the pack of cards face up (showing them different) and removes the chosen card. He then spreads the pack face down explaining that the cards have come from various Las Vegas casinos and so the backs are different. When the chosen card is turned over the casino on the back is shown to match the one named by the Magician.

The Magician then says that it can be done the other way round. The Magician names a card and asks the spectator to name the casino he thinks may be on the back. The spectator calls out the name of a casino. The magician thumbs through the pack until he comes to the chosen casino. He places the card face down on the table. (If an unusual name is called out then you will have to explain that not all names are present in the pack and ask for another choice). When the card is turned over it is seen that the spectator has found the card that the Magician named.

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