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Discontinued Items

There are a number of items that we have made in the past but have decided to discontinue. Our decision could be for a variety of reasons:

  • maybe demand was low (but you might find it would fit perfectly into your act)

  • maybe it was tricky to make (but for the right price it could be made again)

  • maybe it was too expensive (but if it would fit into your act this might not bother you)

We have listed some of them below. They will definitely not be in stock but depending on workloads we may be willing to produce one for you.

Give us a call or send an email if you are interested.

When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney

As the children sing along to 'When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney' the holes in Santa's hanky disappear ant his delivery sack becomes clean.


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Pirate Chest Production Box

An empty box is shown and the lid put on. When the lid is opened the box is full.


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Guy the Gorilla

Forgetful Freddie but using a Gorilla who loses his head


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Poz’s Tig Tag Tiger

A great looking trick for halls, schools, etc. A presentation for unequal ropes with lots of audience participation.


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Card in Belisha Beacon

Yet another Card in Balloon effect. A chosen card (I always use alphabet cards or cards with coloured spots on them) is lost and the magician fails to find it. Deciding to change direction the magician talks about crossing the road safely at a Zebra Crossing. Unfortunately, the Belisha Beacon that the magician has brought along does not have the traditional round top so a balloon is blown up (lots of scope for gags) and fixed atop the pole. Without warning the balloon bursts and the previously selected card is inside.


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Happy Birthday Mary

A great routine in which the children spell the birthday child’s name by magic. A personalised birthday card is produced and handed to the birthday child at the end of the routine. Complete with everything required including five birthday cards.

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Additional cards for the above trick.   
Available in packs of 10 or 20.



Call That A Present

The Magician shows an empty dull white box with a black ribbon painted on it. He says it was a present but he was very disappointed because a present should be brightly coloured and there should be something inside. He drops the present inside a square tube. The tube is lifted to show the present is still there. You can then go through your favourite magic painting routine. When the tube is lifted the present is shown to be brightly coloured with a red painted ribbon. But is there anything inside the present? The bright box is lifted and a gift for the birthday child has appeared.

Larger size. As above but the multicoloured box produced at the end is large enough for an A5 sized birthday card to be affixed to the side.

Call That A Present can be made to whatever size you wish.
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The Wand Store (by Steve Dimmer and David Baxter)

A great routine which produces a variety of coloured wands. Can be used as a running gag or a self contained routine. Complete with 6 coloured wands.


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Production Christmas Tree

Based on the Card Castle principal. Folds flats and produces instantly for a rigid display.


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Character Match by Steve Dimmer

A standard card trick adapted for a children’s audience with a special card stand so that everything is visible.


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Walking Stix

A smaller, lighter version of our very popular Mutilated Umbrella.


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Spring Wand

A spring wand in a sweet container. Only jumps out if you want it to.


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Fall Apart Stool

A small wooden stool is moved around the stage by a child helper but whenever you wish the next time he picks it up to move it, the legs fall off.


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Utility Box

Originally made to produce a Supreme Spring Teddy, Chris Cullen has developed a number of routines to use with it. Also available is a set of socks for you to use it in a magic washing machine routine.


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Those Pesky Rabbits

A great walk around close up trick. Four cute cartoon rabbits change colour, change places, multiply and generally entertain the spectators. The trick is immediately reset making it ideal for table hopping.


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Name that Girl

Two predictions are placed on the table. A spectator has a completely free choice of any card. A pack of cards is shown to be different and the chosen card is placed face up on the table. The backs of the cards each have a different girl’s name. The spectator chooses a girl’s name and that card is removed from the pack. The name on the back of the freely chosen card and the card on the other side of the chosen girl’s name are shown to match the two predictions. Immediately re-set. Easy to do. Made in Bicycle cards.


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Castles in the Air

A novel way to reveal a chosen card. The Magician places an envelope on the table and says it contains a prediction. The spectator selects a playing card and the Magician removes a jumbo card from the envelope. The jumbo card does not match the selection. The Magician removes the card fully from the envelope and says the chosen card must be on the other side. On turning the card over, a rigid 3 dimensional castle made of miniature playing cards is produced. Despite the presence of the freestanding pile of cards the spectator still can not see his card and so the card castle is turned around to show that the 10 cards that make up the back of the castle are all the same and all match the selection.


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Four Coins in a Bag

A two part routine where the Magician shows that he knew which coin a spectator would choose.


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Every Flavour Beans

An empty tube is filled with cotton wool (or whatever), the magic words said and the tube becomes full of magic beans (smarties).


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Magic Paint Brush

Great bit of business by Poz. A paintbrush keeps appearing from a magic wands. Of course, the Magician does not see it.


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Can You Do Sums

A bag full of different numbers and the child picks out the one that is the correct answer to the question.


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