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Football Fever

A5 size 20 A4 size 25

Whilst not magic this makes a great time filler for a patter act or compere.

The Performer says that he has a friend who writes short stories. When he can not come up with an idea he makes lists of objects, mixes them up and takes them one at a time to see if he can think of a story that fits the order that the objects are turned over.

The Performer says that he is going to try and do it with posters of football teams. The cards are mixed up and then taken one at a time with the Performer quoting an easy going story with lots of puns that fit the various town names.

Despite revolving around football this routine appeals equally to male and female spectators. There is no need to have an interest in football as the story revolves purely around the names of towns/Cities.

The props are automatically reset and ready to repeat.

This routine was developed after seeing Mel Mellors do a very funny similar routine using Countries/Flags of the world.

The laminated cards are available as A5 at 20 or A4 at 25.

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