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Card Castles From 35

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Cards are discarded onto a thin tray and a cloth thrown over them. When the cloth is raised a free standing tower of cards is revealed which is over 26 inches high. It opens immediately and is quite rigid. Folds up easily after performance.

The rear of the castle would normally feature the backs of the cards but it can be made with the faces showing . These faces can be all the same. You then force the card matching the one on the back of the castle onto a spectator and lose it in the deck. Pull cards one at a time from the deck, avoiding the force card, and when the spectator  tells you that you are wrong the card is thrown onto your table. After several wrong cards, you pull up the castle and say 'Well, your card must be there somewhere'. Ask the spectator which card he chose and turn the castle around to show 24 copies of his chosen card facing him!! 

Like most items in our range the size, etc can be varied or specific cards used. I have even built one out of Jumbo cards, as a special order, which stood almost six feet tall when opened. The castle can be made of any particular back design that you like but there may be an additional charge, please ask.

Normal Quality Cards (Non specific Back Design)      20
Bicycles                                                    25
With Force Card on Back                                30
Cards of Your Choice                                Ask for a Quote
You provide 3 packs of cards and I make for          20



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