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The 'JJ' Table 250




The JJ table used to be manufactured to JJ's design and sold by International Magic Studio. It has not been available for several years but now, thanks to the kind permission of International Magic and Martin MacMillan, we have started to produce it again for the magic fraternity. It is extremely practical, neatly folding for transport but quickly opening out for use. Your props are contained within so you can be ready to perform in just a couple of minutes. It is smart and practical enough for children's shows or cabaret. Additionally the working surface is lower than a standard Roll On Table which is an additional benefit for Children's shows. Complete with cover for use in transport.

Standard size is approx.
    Folded: 20.75" x 12.5" x 17.75"
    Open: The table top is 19" x 10.5" and is 30.5" high
    Prop storage area when folded: 19.75" x 14.75" x 11"



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