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Roll On/Suitcase Tables around 275


We make standard Roll On Tables in a variety of designs. The pictures below are a couple that we have made recently for customers. Tables like these would cost around 275 complete with cover.


Sizes, etc can obviously be varied but the design of a Roll on is always pretty much the same as below. Includes good quality, rubber wheeled castors (two of which are locking).

Standard size is approx.
    Folded: 25" x 11.75" x 18.75"
    Open: The table top is 25" x 11.5" and is 34.75" high
    Prop storage area when folded: 23.5" x 14.75" x 10"

This is the table folded down for transport. Covers, embroidered or not, are available.


Opened up and ready for your show.



An alternative design is preferred by some. Here there are two cases which means that you carry much more stuff and the weight is spread over two boxes. At the venue, the boxes are stood one on top of the other and the backs removed. These are usually around 250.



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