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Made to Measure

We specialise in making 'one offs' to customer's requests so if you have an idea or see a trick in a magazine or book that you are unable to make yourself then just ask us for a price.

If it involves woodwork and/or sewing then we will almost certainly be able to quote. If there is a small amount of metalwork involved we may be able to assist but, as we would outsource this, we would need to discuss prior to committing.  

If you are a new customer the pricing works like this. If it is something we have not made before it is sometimes difficult to quote so what we would do is give you an estimate and a maximum cost. You would need to pay up front for materials. We would build the prop - if you are not happy with it, and we have not had this problem to date, you need pay no more. We would retain the prop and the up front monies you had paid for materials. Provided you are happy with the completed item we would tell you the balance due (which will not be more than the maximum price we quoted at the outset) and once you have paid, the prop would be available for you.

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In recent months we have made for a wide variety of people including:

  • Poz

  • John Derris

  • Royston the Magician (Roy Gilbert)

  • Tricky Mickey

  • Steve Dimmer

Below are pictured some of our 'one offs':

There are a lot of pictures on this page, please be patient while it loads.

A Magic Square - All the tiles and the backing board have magnets sunk into them so that all the numbers sit square

Magic Painting for a Road Safety Act

A large Square Circle for someone doing a new stage show


I೵re you all know the trick where you have a piece of card with a zig zag cut. You pull it apart and when you put it back together there is a hole in the middle. Someone I was chatting to said they thought it would be more impressive if it was three dimensional 㯠I made one. It lends itself to various presentations. How did Houdini walk through solid walls 䵲n it round and say from his side there was a hole through it. If working schools possible a problem solving technique 馠you can೥e a way through try it from a different angle and a way through may appear.


A Tip Over box ordered at Blackpool

Back of the Net (non Christmas version of Race for the Stars)
Will be in production shortly - please contact us if you are interested

Turntable to display items for just chance routine (revolves slowly)

Bending Mirror (for an Alice Through the Looking Glass Party)

Magic Wand in the style of a pool cue (to be used in a cups and balls routine using pool balls)


Washing Machine from John Breeds' book


Traditional 'Chinese Washing Machine'

Vanishing DVD (a la Die Box)


'Hook a Dragon' made for a fairground themed party on St George's Day


Dagger Chest using Squeaky Truncheons


'Don't Ring the Bell' from John Breeds' book


Scruffy's Lunch Box by Chris Cullen. Two bones are removed from the display and put through the rollers where they become elongated. The long bones are vanished and return to the Lunch Box. We hope to marketing a version of this in the near future.


Balloon is burst with the weight and the ball appears


Remake of Cuddles the Cat by Tricky Mickey and no longer available. Previous one had worn out through lots of use.

Magic Book Shop by Graham Boylan


'Next Show' board made for a shopping mall


Large Colour Changing Box which culminated in a very large production


Rabbit Carrier


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