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Made to Measure

More 'one offs' that we have built in recent months

Interesting one this. Someone rang and asked if I could make two sets of dice so that one of each set would always throw an even number and the other would always throw an odd number. Below is the result.

Turned Table Stand made for John Derris


Aladdin from Edwin's Book

Rabbit Production Built as a 'one off' but will be available as a standard item shortly

Trevor Lewis Item built for a Road Safety Show


Yet another Trevor Lewis Road Safety Item


Large Colour Changing Box which culminated in a very large production


This table was actually the renovation of an existing prop that the customer already had

This giant lollipop was contained three spring snakes with the words Stop, Look and Listen on them

Trevor Lewis item based on Elusive Rabbits but with a Traffic Light theme

Giant Card Castle made from Jumbo cards. It stood almost Six feet high.

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