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In January 2010, I decided to start producing a newsletter

For some time, I had been collecting email addresses at conventions and when people had bought from me with the intention of starting a newsletter. The purpose is to let people know about new releases and any other developments at Made to Measure Magic. I also intend to include tips, news and gossip.

I would not propose sending it any more often than once a month and in reality it will probably be less often as I do not find time to update my website more than 2 or 3 times a year.

Editions of the newsletter produced to date can be viewed by clicking on the date of the newsletter below.

If you wish to be added to the list for future editions of the newsletter please send your email address to

Previous Editions

January 2010 (No 1)
July 2010 (No 2)
August 2010 (No 3)
September 2010 (No 4)
November 2010 (No 5)

August 2011 (No 6)
November 2011 (No 7)

February 2012 (No 8)
September 2012 (No 9)
September2012 (No 10)
December2012 (No 11)
February 2013 (No 12)
May 2013 (No 13)
October 2013 (No 14)
February 2014 (No 15)




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