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Newsletter August 2010

Made to Measure Magic

Email Newsletter No 3.August 2010.

Hi there and welcome to edition No. 3.

It’s only a month since the last one because I am still unable to get out into the workshop because of my injury so a bit of computing is called for. I’ve even done my tax return – that must be the earliest I’ve ever done it !

A bit more news/gossip this time because production is at an all time low.

News and Gossip 

If you are keeping an eye on You Tube, you will see that we now have about 15 demonstrations on there. There are links from the website or if you are on You Tube just search for Made to Measure Magic.


When I changed the name to Made to Measure Magic (from Kitchen Table Magic) some years ago I tried to get a briefer web address such as MMM or M2MM but they were all already taken. I noticed recently that the registration for M2MM was due to run out in March and I realised that the previous owner had not renewed it. (90 days after expiry it is put up for resale if not renewed) so I kept an eye on it and bought it as soon as it was available. So if typing out is just too much for you then you can just type in future. You can also email us at . Hope that helps.


I know some of the people who get the newsletter are on forums. The only one I have contributed to is Magic Bunny. I have picked up a few tips from there but I am not sure about the views of some of the people who go on. They talk like they are very experienced and then you find out they have never done a show in their life. Anyway you will not see me on Magic Bunny again as I have been thrown off. I was accused by one of the organisers of doing something which I had not and when I defended myself (very politely) I received abusive emails culminating in being blocked from contributing. I did post a goodbye to everyone but I understand it was deleted.

On Line Ordering

I had someone ring up the other day to order a small close up item and queried why I did not have ordering on the website. Whilst I am sure if people can order there and then I would get many more impulse buys I have not gone down this route for a number of reasons:

  • I generally only make products in small batches. When they are sold I remake a batch or if they are slow sellers I do not make a batch until I have a specific order. I would therefore be in the position of taking orders I could not fulfil unless I built a more complex stock control system. Most other Dealers can just re-order from the wholesaler and get the item in within a few days.
  • Impulse buys may be OK with close up but with most of my items being for children’s entertainers they tend to view and think about it and then buy later.
  • Many of the orders I get request slightly different sizes or colours or some other minor change – this is much better discussed over the phone or by email.
  • By speaking on the phone or by email I can come up with a sensible price for postage – I will be writing more about my views on postage in a future newsletter.

New Items



Those of you who have seen this trick will know how unusual it is. It won the FISM Invention Award in 2006. A spectator names any card (no force). A pack of blank cards is cut a few times and then ribbon spread across the table spelling out the name of the freely chosen card. No sleights required – you just have to cut to a short card. The instructions are on a CD that will play on a PC or a Mac. 

Now you might wonder why I have this item bearing in mind that I am known for Children’s props that are built by me. Well Mathieu Bich had a stand right by mine at Blackpool and towards the end of the Convention I bought 10 of this item off him. Well people don’t come to me when they want close up so I still have eight left. I’m keeping one for myself but the rest can go. I’ve had a look on the internet this morning and it seems to sell £28/£32 but if anyone wants to take them off my hands they are £20 each.

Force Packs Red and Blue backed Bicycles

One thing I have been able to do is make up force packs. At the moment I have every card in either red or blue back. Or I will mix to make 2, 3, 4 or 5 way (for tossed out deck). So if you want a force deck with a particular card now’s the time to get one £6.

Sawing Barbi in half


I recently finished my third batch of these. I made seven and had outstanding orders for two so there are still five if any one is interested. I’m afraid the price of this batch is £120 but I think it could go well at the moment as Toy Story 3 has just been released and Barbi has a major role in it. 

Recent ‘One Offs’ 

Not much to report in the way of one off’s because of my accident. Just before I stopped working I finished the box below.


This is a box for the Axtell Dragon Puppet. It has a remote control mechanism so that the lid can bob up whenever you wish showing the dragon’s tail. Then when you are ready you open the box and take out the dragon to start your routine.

The electronics are beyond me but the customer already had a piece of kit built for him so all I had to do was make the box. 

Don’t all rush to order as there will be no more but I am working on the idea of putting a clockwork mechanism into a box so that the lid raises at intervals. This wouldn’t give you the same control but the price would be much less. 

Drawer Boxes 

Since I advertised these in the last newsletter, two people have ordered one with specific wording. One wanted his name and the other had the word ‘FRUIT’. This was to form part of a healthy living show in schools and the intention was to produce fruit from is as part of your ‘five a day’. 


James Fortune has been a good customer over the years and he is a big fan of ‘Numbers Up’ and all its variants. As you will know this is a tube with numbered blocks that change places. At the end of the routine you have to vanish one of the blocks and a cloth with a ‘shape’ in it is provided for this purpose. After you have stolen the block away and are holding the shape through the cloth, so it appears the block is still there, I always used to grab one corner of the cloth and whip it away. James suggested holding the corner and then just dropping the block. I use this method now and it gets a much better reaction.

Best Wishes till next time.

David and all at Made to Measure Magic.

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