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Newsletter July 2010

Made to Measure Magic

Email Newsletter No 2. July 2010.


                                                     What do you think this is? See end of newsletter for the answer.



Well here we are with edition number 2. I said in the first issue (in January) I hoped to get it out about every two months but I have failed dismally. One of the reasons is that the first issue went out to about 130 of the email addresses I have on file. I had loads more and wanted to ensure that the second issue went out to a bigger proportion of my client base. Well, unfortunately, I had an accident two weeks ago and fell from a ladder breaking two vertebrae so I am unable to get out in the workshop at the moment so I have spent a bit of time working on the mail list of names and have now added about another 200. I still have loads more but, as people have ordered, I have just been writing email addresses on bits of paper and it is taking a while to pull it all together.

Obviously, if this is the first edition you have received and you do not want to have any more just reply to the email to that effect and I will take you off the list. Also, I think some people have more than one email address so you could receive more than one copy for that reason. If this happens and you want to cancel one of them just let me know. You are of course free to forward the newsletter to anyone who might me interested.   

If you didnít get the first issue and would like to read it, it is on the website. Just click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Feedback to the first issue was good with several people saying they were pleased I had started it. There was one comment about sending it in word format that some might not be able to view it but no one has come back to me saying that they couldnít so I am continuing to do that. I also think it makes it easier if you want to save them or print it out for reading at your convenience. Since mentioning it on the website I am also getting people emailing and asking to be included on the list.

 One comment said it lacked Pizazz but I donít think we are a Pizazz sort of business.

 News and Gossip  

Well obviously the big event since last time was the Blackpool convention. Just as big and busy as ever.

I have also been to two smaller conventions: one in Southampton to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of the AWS and the Lincolnshire day of Magic (Organised by Magic Books by Post in conjunction with the South Lincolnshire Magical Society). Thatís it for conventions for me until Kidology on 7 September and The British Ring (IBM). My main concern at the moment is getting fit for them as, at the moment, there is no way I could carry any stock.

I have also done a Dealer Dem at the order of the Magi in May. It is the second time they have invited me and it is always a pleasure as The Magi was the first magical society I joined back in the late 70ís and I was overawed at the time as I was rubbing shoulders with the likes of Geoffrey Buckingham and Bayard Grimshaw.

Iíve restocked a number of items but need to do quite a bit more before Kidology on new releases. There again my accident is going to have a serious effect on this. 

Stuart (Mr Stix) has filmed a number of my items and put them on Youtube. There are links on the website or if you go to YouTube and search for Made to Measure Magic you will find them. There are lots more clips in the pipeline. If there is anything in my range that you have been thinking about but would like to see demonstrated let me know and weíll give it priority to get it on.


I said last time I would tell you a bit more about those involved with Made to Measure Magic as time went by. I think it is easier if I just tell you about someone different each time. My wife Sue, who many of you will have met, does all the sewing. A lot of it is bags (change, etc) but she also makes the clothes which sell steadily. Stilt trousers seem popular at the moment Ė she has made 4 pairs this year. Sue has always made bits for me but she gave up full time work when we move to Northamptonshire. She was working for the council teaching sewing and handicrafts to under privileged groups. She enjoyed the work but the paper work and red tape got worse and worse so she gave up and officially started working for me part time (she likes to keep lots of time free for the grandchildren). I donít really know how many days she is supposed to work for me, some weeks it is none and then as a big convention approaches it is every day. Sue can make nearly anything and there are some who ring up now and ask to speak to Sue as they know she is the one with the knowledge of fabrics.  

New Releases 

I had a small number of new releases at Blackpool Ė the details as follows:

 Card Drop 


A great climax to a comedy routine. Throughout your act there is a sign on stage stating 'In Emergency - Pull Cord'. When your efforts to find the chosen card are unsuccessful you resort to pulling the cord and the chosen card drops into view.

If you are into comedy mentalism you could have a chosen word or chosen design revealed.

Comes complete with everything you need including stand.

Servante/Bag for Case Table.

Case tables are very popular for close up and cabaret. We now provide a removable bag that clips to the rear.

 Up, Up and Away

A tube covers three coloured blocks - two red and one yellow. The yellow block is at the bottom and the Magician says it will rise to the top. After much byplay the magician blatantly cheats and turns the tube over. The children are not impressed so the blocks are returned to the tube and the children shout the magic word. When the tube is removed the yellow block is in the middle. The Magician explains that this is because the children did not say the magic words loudly enough. The blocks are replaced in the tube and this time, after the magic word has been said the yellow block has risen to the top.

Obedient Can.

The Obedient Block has proved very popular since its launch (particularly since Dave Allen featured it on his DVD). We now have an Obedient Can (Beans, Tomato Soup or whatever you want.

The can slides along a string. However, it can be stopped and released under the complete control of the Magician. A fun routine where the children are firstly too slow saying stop, then too quick. When it does stop they accuse the magician of cheating. However, when the birthday child is called upon to shout out stop and go the block behaves perfectly until it       lands on the Magicianís foot causing him to scream in mock agony and ending the routine on yet another laugh.

 Hats. Made of fabric to match our jackets and waistcoats.


Drawer Boxes.


I have made a variety of these over the years from small ones to hold a deck of cards to one big enough for a large rabbit but I have never carried them as a stock item. So I made some for Blackpool. These were originally produced as either prize or  balloon boxes - hence the lettering. You go to give your assistant a prize but the box is empty. You close it and re-open it and it is now full.

Obviously, you can use it to produce any object that will fit in.

Available with or without lettering.

Recent ĎOne Offsí  

A number of one offs have gone out during the last few weeks. Unfortunately I have not taken pictures of them all and a couple of people have asked me not to publish their ideas. 

Want a Card Stand? Why not have one that fits in with the trick you are using it for. This is one I made for Royston the Magician from Northampton to replace one that was missing from a second hand item he bought. The trick involved animal cards (ignore the sheep in the picture that is just a card from a trick of mine that I put on the stand) so he had a stand that looked like a fence.


 We all know about mismade figures (Santa up the chimney, Skeleton in the Cupboard but Iíve had a bit of a run in recent weeks for people doing themed shows. Iíve made Pirate, Alien, Santa, Mr Punch and Skeleton.

Who knows what a Rola Bola is. I didnít - but do now. Sam X (Official Jester of Buckinghamshire) has one. It is the name given to the board on a cylinder arrangement that you balance on. Sam wanted two crates that would nest and then stack for him to balance on. For some reason I only have a picture of the smaller box. It also provided storage space for the transport of the Rola Bola and other items.


One tip came in from Poz. He has found that when using the DIY Dollís House if, at the climax, he just undoes the bolt but does not open the front he can stand to one side and the rabbit, when it sees the light, knocks the door open itself.


There we are for this time. I feel this edition has become a bit of an advert but that is probably because it is so long since I sent one out. I will try and put more news/gossip in the next one. 

As for the question at the beginning it is, of course, a door for a penetration illusion. John, who works for me occasionally and is not a magician, walked into my workshop, saw it and said ĎWhat are you making? A new toilet seat Ė itís very handy having a drinks holder built iní. Well I thought it was funny.

Best Wishes till next time.

David and all at Made to Measure Magic.

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