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Hook Up            £5.00

A puzzle to amaze your friends.

A wooden rod with a hook at the end fits into a wooden tube that has a piece of elastic running across it. You tell a spectator that the object is to get the hook caught on the elastic so that when the rod is withdrawn it snaps back into the tube.

You demonstrate what you mean then ask the spectator to have a go. No matter how hard they try they can not replicate your feat (unless of course they know the secret),

Easy to do.

Pyramid Puzzle        £7.50

Six pieces fit together to form a perfect equilateral pyramid.

Looks easy but you will probably find it harder than you think.

The Mouse and Cheese        £4

A wooden ‘mouse’ has a circle of cord attached to it. The mouse is fastened to a wooden ‘cheese’ and the object is to separate the mouse from the cheese without undoing the knot in the cord.



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