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Video Demonstrations

Demonstrations of the following items can be viewed by clicking on the name of the trick which will take you to the page which includes the video clip:

My thanks to Stuart McDowell (Mr Stix) who filmed some of these clips and put them onto YouTube. Also thanks to Chris and Julie Cullen (Banana Brain Fun Shows) who allowed me to video parts of their show for some of these clips.

ABC Up                           

Balloon Game

Card Castle

Card Shop

Children's Card Castle

Christmas Tree

Clown in Circus Tent

Clowning Around

Comedy Mops Routine

Devil's Handkerchief

DIY Doll's House

Drawer Box

Fairy Gertrude

Go Go Vanisher

Magic Jigsaw

Mischievous Ropes

Mutilated Umbrella 

Numbers Up

Obedient Block

Obedient Can 

Pet Shop Rabbit Production

Picture Game

Production Christmas Tree

Rabbit in Hat

Race for the Stars

Ravenous Rabbit

Rudolph's Nose

Santa in the Chimney

Santa's Chimney Race

Sock Bag

Snowman Trick

SpaceShip Shenanigans

Traffic Light Surprise

Tardis Harbin Box

Teddy Bears' Picnic

Teddy Bears' Picnic for the Basic Prop

Telephone Box Mirror

Treasure Chest Rabbit Production

Up, Up and Away

Utility Box   

Wand Tube

Wand-erful Spoon



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