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Newsletter September 2010

Made to Measure Magic

Email Newsletter No 4. September 2010.

Hi there and welcome to edition No. 4.

Iવst back from the IBM Convention and two weeks before that it was Kidology 请 different these two conventions are.

Kidology is an intense one day convention aimed at Children८tertainers. If you are a pro or semi-pro kid८tertainer you should definitely be there. I젭ake no secret of the fact that financially for me it is the best day of the year. It is very well organised 䨩s year with three lectures and four mini lectures (choose two to attend) but with time in between to look at the dealers and make purchases. I젢e honest and say that I found the busy spells in between the lectures so tiring (partly because I am still not yet fully recovered from my accident) that I just relaxed while the lectures were on so couldn࣯mment on the content but general comments seemed to suggest that there was something for everyone.

Probably because the event is organised by two dealers (Practical Magic and Albion Magic), the conditions for the dealers are excellent. We are able to get in early enough to get properly set up, provided with coffee and have a proper lunch provided while a lecture is on (rather than eating a sandwich between customers) which makes the day even better from our point of view.

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Compare this with the IBM. We had to set up on the Tuesday (which meant the expense of an extra night in a hotel) but did not open for business until 3 o쯣k on Wednesday. Attendance was down and the dealerਡll was completely empty for much of the convention. Everyone was hoping for a busy day on the Saturday but it turned out to be the worst day of the lot. I am sure that many of the Dealers failed to cover their expenses, which does not bode well for them returning in the future. Some major Dealers like Alakazam, Magic Box, World Magic Shop were noticeable by their absence. I don૮ow what the answer is but something needs to be done or this convention will disappear from the calendar.

When I first started going to Conventions in the 70നe IBM was the premier event and Blackpool was just a small one day event 请 times change !

 I젫eep it brief this month as I have to get ready for a trip at the end of the week. I௦f to the USA with my son Andy, who some of you will know. We are taking in Paul Stoneïnvention in Las Vegas and a trip to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I젲eport back next time.

 New Releases for Kidology/IBM

 Terry Herbertשshing Box        ༯b>

A fantastic routine from Terry Herbert. A young assistant wishes for a particular gift and it is produced from a previously shown empty box which plays Happy Birthday while the wish is being granted.

 Manufacturing and marketing rights held by Paul Stone 

Trick Mickyҡce for the Stars      ༯b>

 A good old fashioned team game as two teams compete to get their stars on the tree first. Complete with everything you needd including large foam dice. The prop splits into two and fits into a drawstring bag to keep it together.

 Tricky Mickyӡntaèimney ༯b>


The Magician and a member of the audience play a game to see who can get down the chimney quickest. The Magician tries to cheat but is caught out and the child still wins. For a climax there is the surprise production of a gift for the assistant. A large and impressive prop which splits into two parts. Everything fits into a drawstring bag to keep it together.

 Christmas Trees

Five different coloured Christmas Trees are shown and placed back out into the frame. The children have to guess what colour they are without seeing the front. When four have been guessed the Magician says they are finished but the children will tell you there is one left. They try and guess the colour but when it is turned round 鴠is Father Christmas. This is sold as an add on to the Card Shop/Fairy Gertrude/Rudolph prop. Unfortunately the basic prop is sold out but if you already own and of the items in the Card Shop range we can provide the props and routine for Christmas Trees for ࠨalso includes pictures of lollies so you can do the routine at other times of the year.

 Father Christmas in the Chimney    弯b>


A classic variation on the skeleton in the cupboard. You lift the chimney to show the three blocks that make up Father Christmas are  mixed up. They are dropped into the tube in the right order but when the tube is lifted they are still wrong. After a couple of attempts you cover the middle and feet of the figure with the tube and the head is vanished using the cloth provided. When the chimney is lifted Father Christmas is complete.

 Recent Offs쯢>


Lots of you will know that Steve Dimmer has a very inventive mind. I recently made him this stand for 10 Pez dispensers. I don͊know what the routine is ᮹one out there got any bright ideas (not Steve of course because I am assuming that he already knows). 


 Must stop now and start packing my bag.

 Best Wishes till next time.

 David and all at Made to Measure Magic.

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