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Newsletter September 2012

Made to Measure Magic

Email Newsletter No 10. September 2012

Hi there and welcome to edition No. 10. The main reason for this newsletter is to advise you of new releases for Kidology 2012 and also point out a few items that have been remade. As always I am on the last minute so there is no news or gossip this time and some of the descriptions are a bit sparse but please contact me for any more info.

 New Releases by Chris Cullen   

Chris Cullen has been a successful full time entertainer since leaving school and I am releasing a number of Chris튩tems that have served him well over the years. I am pleased to announce that he will be working on my stand this year so come along and ask him to dem them for you.

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Rabbit from Hat ⵠ쯳pan> Everyone talks about a Magician producing a rabbit from a hat but how many have seen it. This is the perfect way to do it ᠧreat comedy routine with no body or other awkward loads.


Sock Bag 堖 Chris has been doing this routine over 20 years and it is great for a small room but also plays big enough for a large stage. A simple premise of your dirty socks being washed by magic. The climax being a washing line being pulled from the wash bag with the socks pegged along it. Might not sound much but you get Chris졵ghter packed routine to make it really entertaining.


Pet Shop ⵠ쯳pan> Another great rabbit production with Chris⯵tine. A set of laminated cards are provided with the trick but if you have Rabbit Rampage by Razamatazz Magic these cards also fit the prop.

Balloon game 堦or one, ࠦor two 쯳pan>Do you wince when you arrive at a party and find there are balloons all over the hall. Well worry no more this prop comes with four games which not only get the party started in fine form but clears the room of balloons.


Utility Box ࠖ I originally made one of these for myself years ago to produce a Supreme spring teddy. I made one for Chris some time ago but he has other routines that he now uses it for including magic washing. If required we can provide a set of socks (ordinary, dirty, shrunken and turned into one large stripey one) to wash in the machine

Other New Releases


Scoreboards 堖 More and more entertainers are now playing games. If you are doing this in teams then our new scoreboard makes it easy for everyone to know who is in the lead.


Which Witch 堩f you already have the basic prop ﳰan> This idea by Burger Bill is another add on for our Card Shop routine it is basically the same as Fairy Gertrude but with Pumpkin door, a Witch which vanishes to be replaced by Which magazine and a Sand..Witch.


The End Wand ࠦnbsp;쯳pan> For Blackpool we made some wands which unrolled to reveal a thought of playing card. Several people asked me if we could make it with 襠Endﮠit so here it is. We also have a ﯤ Byeﮥ but can put anything on it that you like.


Cut and Restored Ribbon 堖 a square tube 12쯮g is shown. A ribbon is threaded through it, the tube hinges in half and the ribbon is cut. The tube closed up and the ribbon removed to show it is restored. I have six of these, it is a clever trick but needs a good routine to go with it.

One Offs

 I have a number of one-offs that I have built. Bear in mind that I have only one of each but could build more if there is demand.


Umbrella Production ࠖ The production of five automatic opening children൭brellas. Works on the square circle principle and would provide a stage filling climax for your show.


Treasure Chest Production Box ࠖ This is a prototype of an item which I intend to add to my range It is a production box working on a similar principle to the Dove Pan.


Limbo Set ࠖ I have built one of these to order and will be bringing it to Kidology for collection. If you do games have a look at it and see me for a chat. Comes complete with a bag for all the bits to go in.

Special Offers

 As you know we discontinued making jackets about a year ago and now Sue has decided to reduce her workload further and we are discontinuing waistcoats. Existing stock will be offered at Kidology for discount prices. Jackets (only 2 left) ࠍ (were 尩, Waistcoats ࠨwere 婼/b>

 Back in Stock 

I have made a few of the following items which have all been out of stock recently.


Jigsaw Puzzled 堖 This was one of my biggest sellers in my earlier years and I have made a few more. These are slightly smaller than the original ones so take up little room. A jigsaw in a frame is shown and the pieces tipped out. The pieces are placed into a bag (use your own change bag) and are supposed to vanish. They vanish except for one. Where could they be. They are back in the frame except for one and that is the piece that failed to vanish.


DIY Dollȯuse 絠쯳pan> I have just finished a batch of five more of this popular rabbit production. I have simplified the manufacturing process by using vinyl rather than hand painting but the price will have to go up. However, I am holding the price at 絠until after Kidology.

Two effects with a road safety theme:


Card in Belisha Beacon 堖 This also was one of my early items which has not been available for ages. However, I recently had an order for one and made another three while I was doing. A chosen card disappears only to reappear inside a balloon on the top of a Belisha Beacon.


Road Safety Bag ࠖ a variation on the popular ௴ the Dog䲩ck. A red and green man on handkerchiefs change places and eventually disappear to reappear on the inside of the bag.


Magic Jigsaw ࠩf you already have the basic prop 쯳pan>this is another add on for the Card Shop/Fairy Gertrude trick. A jigsaw in the house is removed. The pieces vanish and re-appear back in the house. 


I젨ave to stop there or it will not go out in time for Kidology.

Best Wishes till next time. 

David and all at Made to Measure Magic.

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