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Newsletter August 2011

Made to Measure Magic

Email Newsletter No 6 August 2011

Hi there and welcome to edition No. 6.

Whilst I do not want to bombard people with emails and newsletters I do feel I have been particularly unproductive this year. The only email I have sent out was in an attempt to clear my stock of Spreadwave which was remarkably successful and I could have sold four times as many if I had had them. 

Well Im afraid that Im missing any news or gossip again this time and am just using this newsletter to blatantly advertise my new releases for Kidology.

I will mention my email address. I have a multitude of email addresses: and are the main ones that people use and these are still active so carry on using them. However, I also had a freeserve address which I often used to reply to emails so lots of people write to me at . This email address has been changed to so you will often get emails from this address in the future and you can write to it if you wish. I think Ive made that over complicated and confused everyone but I should still receive emails wherever you send them but it would be best if you stopped using the freeserve address.

New Releases for Kidology.

The items below will be released at Kidology on September 6. The prices quoted are the pre-release prices. If you order and pay a deposit and I decide to increase the price on launch you will still get it at the price below. If the price goes down (unlikely) then you will get it at the lower price. Give me a call or email if you want more info.

Remember I do not build items in large numbers (in the case of the illusion there will only be one at Kidology) so if there is anything that interests you please get in touch.

Trevor Lewis' Clapometer (Originally known as Cheers)    45
Carry Bag available 8

There two slightly different designs above.

A great idea by Trevor originally from his book 'Party Pieces'. The children are encouraged to applaud to show how well they have behaved or how good a party it has been. The louder they applaud the higher the level in the thermometer rises. If they get it to reach the top (Great) then a party popper goes off. There are two poppers built into the prop so you can use it twice without reloading or go for the double pop climax. This gives a similar effect to Axtell's Off the Meter at a fraction of the cost.

Michael Diamond's Locked Book of Dark Secrets          65

A wonderful item straight from Michael's own show. Great for older children or adults. The book is displayed locked with a brass padlock. Five keys lie on the book. Four spectators each choose a key leaving one for the performer. The spectators are given the option to swap their keys at any point. When all the spectators have tried their key without success, the remaining key is removed from the book and the spectator can try it in the lock proving that it is the genuine key. This trick was a great success when Michael lectured at Kidology a couple of years ago and Made to Measure have made some changes (I would like to say improvements but modesty must prevail) to the design.

Balloon Cabinet Illusion       295

Picture to come shortly.

Lots of Children's Entertainers are closing their show with an illusion these days and I am desperately trying to complete my initial model to display at Kidology. The child enters the cabinet from the back. The only part that is enclosed is the chest to the waist. The front and back doors are closed and balloon swords pushed through the sides at all angles. When the front door is opened the child's middle can not be see it is just a mass of balloons. In the last 18 months I have made a couple of head cabinets to order but I have never personally liked the idea of putting a child's head in an enclosed space this seems to be the perfect solution and adds a significant prop to close your show.

 Santa's Sack by Steve Dimmer  30

A new routine for Christmas. You show the bag that Santa uses to deliver presents. Unfortunately, it is dirty on the inside because of all the soot from the chimneys that Santa has to climb down. The soot makes Santa sneeze and you show his dirty hanky with three holes. As the routine progresses with the children singing 'When Santa got stuck up the Chimney' the hanky gradually progresses from being dirty with holes to being clean with no holes. As a bonus, Santa's delivery sack is now shown to be clean inside so that he will not get this years presents dirty when he delivers them.

I will try and email a picture of the illusion as soon as it is ready and there is just a chance there may be another release for Kidology, if there is I will let you know.

Train Crossing (and single engine variation) by Steve Dimmer

In the original trick, a red engine is placed in a red bag and a yellow engine is placed into a yellow bag. They amazingly change places. The bags can be examined at the start and finish of the trick. The single engine versions are a blue engine (Thomas) with snow on it or a green engine with mud on it. The engine is placed in a bag and the snow (or mud disappears). That may not sound much but as always with Steve he has come up with a good routine and I know that this item has become a feature of his own show and also his lecture. I think Steve is selling them at 40 and 25 respectively for the two and one train version but you will need to confirm that with Steve. 

You may think it strange that I am mentioning this as I will not be selling it. Steve showed me this some time ago and it was the intention that I would launch it at Kidology. However, we discovered that the special something that makes it work is no longer available so there is only a limited supply available and once they are gone there will be no more. So if you are interested email Steve for more information.

Best Wishes and I hope to give you a bit more gossip and news next time including the best treatment I have ever received from a Society when I did a Dealer Dem for them.

David and all at Made to Measure Magic.

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