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Newsletter February 2012

Made to Measure Magic

Email Newsletter No 8 - February 2012

Hi there and welcome to edition No. 8. Just a brief Newsletter this time as I am up to my eyes getting ready for Blackpool but I wanted to let you know about some new releases.

News and Gossip


For those of you who are attending Blackpool this year and are looking for my stand I have moved. I will not be in the position I have occupied the last few years but will have a larger stand in the Empress Ballroom. I will be backing onto the same wall as Practical Magic but at the opposite end of the room so you should not have any trouble finding me. I hope you will all come along to have a look at the new releases and have a chat. 

Playtime Balloons 

In case anyone has not heard, my good friend Stuart McDowell (Mr Stix) has taken over Playtime balloons. I am sure he will continue to offer the same excellent service as Mike and Marjorie and I know he has ideas for developing the business further. Please continue to support him and if you have not bought from Playtime before, give them a try. The downside to this is that he will not be able to help me on my stand at Blackpool this year so the team will be me, my son Andy, and new boy Tim.  

New Releases 

I have been delaying sending out this email until all the items were ready so that I could provide pictures and details. However, I am still working on some of them so I have decided to send out the email and then forward photographs when they are ready.  

Remember I do not produce items in high volumes so if any of them interest you please give me a ring and let me know. 

Fall Apart Stool  £75 

A small stool is at your side. A child is asked out to assist. You say they are too close and to move the stool away. When it is moved you say it is still not right so you move it yourself. All this sitting on the stool and moving it around establishes that the stool is ungimmicked. However, the next time you ask the child to move it, the legs fall off when it is picked up. It can be set so that any number of legs from 1 to 4 fall off. This item is still in production but I hope to have some ready for Blackpool.  

Road Blox  £45

This is a picture of the prototype. The production model has been left with a plain wood finish like many children’s toys and the green and blue bricks are brighter colours

 This idea was given to me some time ago by Paul Sylvestor. We both agreed that the trick known as Bloxo was good but was more of a puzzle than a trick. Paul’s idea was to convert the box into a lorry and make it into a children’s trick with a story. You show a lorry with a load of five coloured blocks. You demonstrate that when the lorry went round corners all the blocks fell out so the driver had the idea of pushing a rod all the way through  to keep them in place. Ask a child to choose their favourite colour. All the blocks are loaded into the lorry again, the rod pushed through and the door closed. All five coloured blocks can be seen in place through the holes in the door. However, when you tip the lorry up to simulate going too fast round a corner all of the blocks (except the chosen one) appear penetrate the rod and fall from the lorry. The chosen colour remains on the rod. 

Walking Stix  £40


I have been manufacturing and selling my version of Mutilated Umbrella for nearly 10 years. It has been one of my best sellers. The only thing that puts some people off is the size of the prop so now we have Walking Stix which is small enough to fit into your Roll On Table and weighs much less than the Mutilated Umbrella. A plastic walking stick is removed from the tube. You are provided with acrylic ‘jewels’ to fill it but you could use sweets or silks. The contents are removed from the walking stick and the stick replaced in the box. The contents are vanished in a change bag or a Devil’s Hank (not provided) and when the walking stick is removed from the tube (the child can remove it if you wish) it has refilled with the contents. If you used sweets you could give the filled umbrella away filled with sweets.

This item was the idea of Steve Dimmer.

Spring Wands  £10


We have made some spring wands. They come in a sweet tin like the normal spring snake but the tin has been modified so that you can remove the lid without the wand leaping out. When you wish, a second catch is released so that the next time the lid is removed the wand springs out. You then have scope for lots more business with the wand.

Wand Drop (Wand to Playing Card)  £40


 Our Card Drop has been popular but is only suitable for stage or cabaret so following a suggestion from Trevor Lewis we have made a smaller version. This looks like a wand but for the climax it unrolls revealing the chosen playing card. Like the Card Drop, it can be made with a letter, colour, word or whatever you wish to predict. 

Clapometer £45 

This was launched at Kidology last year but since that time I have been asked to make two with numbers rather than words so I have made up a small number in this style for Blackpool. 

Best Wishes till next time.

David and all at Made to Measure Magic.

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