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Newsletter February 2013

Made to Measure Magic

Email Newsletter No 12 - February 2013.

Hi again. 

News and Gossip

I think I did enough news in the last edition and the main purpose of this newsletter is to provide information on my new releases for Blackpool.

Just a couple of news items though.

IBM British Ring convention

I have booked a stand for this event in September and hope to see some of you there. I have been dealing at this convention for several years although I was unable to be there last year owing to a prior commitment. I always find it a very enjoyable convention although business wise it is never world shattering. One of the things that attracted me back is the fact that it is Buxton which is my home town and where I lived until I was in my early 20’s. We will have to see how this year goes.

Web Site

I have increased some of the prices on my website. However, I will be using the previous prices at Blackpool and if anyone on the newsletter list orders anything that is in stock before the end of February, and reminds me, they will also get their purchases at the pre-increase price. Only until the end of February though.

New Releases for Blackpool

Unfortunately, due to pressure of work I have been unable to get as many new items ready as I had hoped. I have a number in the pipeline but they will have to wait until Trix in the Stix.

What I do have is:

Stick it        £8 - Introductory Price

Another great bit of business for the children's entertainer. After a prop has broken or failed to work you get out a tube of glue to repair it. However hard you squeeze it no glue comes out until you turn away when the children will shout and tell you that the glue is coming out. Of course, as soon as you look back the glue disappears.

When you come to put the tube down it sticks to your fingers and, depending on your acting ability, you will get a few minutes out of this.

When I first launched my DIY Doll’s House, I had an email from Andy Hart who lives in Sussex to say why didn’t I make some glue tubes that the glue came out of when you were not looking.  I put it on my todo list but have only just got round to it. If Andy would like a complimentary ‘Stick It’ all he has to do is drop me an email with his address. I know Andy is on my mail list and this will see if he reads them. If you know Andy – don’t tell him let’s see if he can find it on his own.

Give Me a Big Hand     £6 - Introductory Price

An excellent coin trick with a novel climax – based on Roy Johnson’s Cent. 

A 50p and a 1p are clearly shown in your hand. The 50p is removed and placed in the pocket but when the hand is opened there is still a 50p and a 1p there.

The 1p is removed and placed in the pocket but when the hand is opened there is still a 50p and a 1p there.

The 50p is removed and the spectator asked what remains. You say that if you have tricked them again will they give you a big round of applause – A Big Hand. Before they can answer you say “Well, perhaps you could give me a little hand” and open your hand to reveal a small rubber hand and nothing else.

Giant Foam Wand       £10

A giant wand (Approx 1 metre or 40 inches long). It has a foam filling so is relatively harmless.

Waistcoats £30 (Were £60)

As most of you know we stopped making clothing a few months ago. We still have a few waistcoats left and to get rid of them we are offering them at a silly price.


Best Wishes till next time.

David and all at Made to Measure Magic.

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