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Newsletter February 2014

Made to Measure Magic

Email Newsletter No 15 – February 2014

News and Gossip

Well a fairly short newsletter this time. 

Future of Made to Measure Magic 

I seem to have panicked a few people with a comment I put on Facebook. As I am 65 in March 2015 I am thinking about winding down a bit. I have no intentions of making any significant changes this year and I doubt that I will ever give up completely but it was just a statement. Over the years a couple of people have shown an interest in taking over Made to Measure and if they are serious now is the time to think about making your approaches. In the absence of any interest I am looking to start running things down next year. I have been asked by other dealers about making for them and this coupled with my one off jobs will probably be the next step but as I say to those who have rung up with requests for stuff ‘before you retire’ there is no need to panic I’ll be around for a while yet. 

New Items for Blackpool 

This year at Blackpool, I will be assisted by my son, Andy, as usual but I am pleased to say that Chris Cullen and his wife, Julie, will also be helping me. Chris will be known by many of you from the items that I have released in recent times and you will have seen him in some of the videos on my website and on my stand at Trix and Kidology. Despite being a full time professional entertainer since leaving school, Chris has never been to Blackpool before so I am looking forward to seeing the ‘kid in a sweetshop’ look an his face when he first enters the dealer hall. 

Sorry to say I do not have much in the way of new releases for Blackpool. I have a number of items in the pipeline but time has worked against me and I will have to hold them for Trix in the Stix.

What I do have: 

Balloon Bar  £25

I was not intending releasing this until Trix but I have a small number (a very small number) available for Blackpool and I am offering them at what I believe is a very good price to get some feedback prior to the main launch at Trix. It is a very effective version of the Monkey Bar trick. Three modelling balloons are threaded through three holes in the wooden bar and the one at the end jumps to the other end when you pass it behind your back. Of course, the children say you have turned it round so the odd balloon jumps to the middle when you pass it behind your back the next time. The balloons can then be removed from the bar and used to make models. 

This is a slightly revised version of a trick put out by Bill McLeod a few years ago and it is by agreement with him and with the help of his son Ricky that I am able to offer it again.

Mischievous Ropes  £25

This is another of Chris’ routines that he has been using for many years. It is a routine for Equally Unequal Ropes (Professor’s Nightmare) but with loads of business. Essentially, three ropes that are definitely the same length, are going to change colour but with lots of fun along the way. However, they turn into three ropes of different sizes. Obviously, the magician turns them back to the same length but is disappointed that they never changed colour. Placing in a bunched up bandana held on a dish mop a child successfully manages to complete the colour change. Please don’t dismiss this as just a routine for Equally Unequal come along to the stand at Blackpool and see Chris perform it. 

New version of Teddy Bears’ Picnic

We are bringing out a version of Teddy Bears Picnic which will utilise the same basic prop as Card Shop/Fairy Gertrude, etc so the price will be considerably less than the existing Teddy Bears Picnic. At this moment in time, I am still not sure if it will be ready for Blackpool.

Peter Quincee

Many of you will remember Peter Quincee. Peter was an excellent prop builder running his own company under the name Camtryx and building for many other dealers, principally Supreme. Unfortunately, Peter died towards the end of last year leaving many part finished props which were offered to me by his executor. I have only recently acquired these items and they need a lot more work to sort out but I have finished a few of the items (as shown in the picture) and will have them for sale at Blackpool. I am not listing them here as, at this time, there is only one of each but if anything catches your eye please give me a ring.

Best Wishes till next time.

David and all at Made to Measure Magic.

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