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Newsletter May 2013

Made to Measure Magic

Email Newsletter No 13 - February 2013.

News and Gossip

Well the big event since last time was the Blackpool Convention. Numbers were up on last year (a sell out I believe this time) and there was much more of a buzz about it. Business wise it was up on last year but still not what it was like three or four years ago but I guess that is just a sign of the times.


 Pleased to say, of all the Dealers present, the Blackpool Gazette chose to feature me in the article about the Convention.  

All of my new releases sold out 䯮৥t too excited though I donలoduce them by the hundred.

The Giant Foam Wand and Stick It will be available again soon (see below). Stick It will probably be produced as a Version 2. After talking with Ricky McLeod he has explained a modification to it that his father (Bill) used to make which enable the glue to come right out of the tube and become attached to your hand. Keep your eyes open for it being released (see below).

Also on the subject of Stick It I have exchanged some emails with Ian Adair who has told me that the original idea was in a book by Wilfred Tyler published in the 1950࡮d Supreme produced a similar version to mine called Glue It in the 60bsp;

You will remember that I promised a free Stick It to Andy Hart who first suggested the idea to me if he responded. Well Andy must read the Newsletter because he contacted me within a few hours of me sending the Newsletter out.

Give me a Big Hand also sold out but I had an interesting discussion with one customer. I demmed the item, he said he liked it and bought it. The next day he came back and said there wasnࡠshell coin in the set. I explained that you did not need a shell coin and his response was that he thought it did and because he wanted a shell coin and thought that ਴he cost of the trick) was cheap for one he had bought the trick. As there was no shell he didnಥally want it !!!

Video Clips 

I recently filmed Chris Cullen at a party and have put some more video clips on my website. So if you want to see the following performed before buying, just go to the website.

     Pet Shop Rabbit Production

    Sock Bag

    Balloon Game

    Rabbit from Hat

    Utility Box 

New Releases for Trix in the Stix 

Giant Foam Wands ࠖ I have four sets for launch at Trix at 堰er set.


 Following on from the success of the Giant Foam Wand (1 metre long) I produced for Blackpool, I have now produced a set of four 尠cm, 1 metre, 1.5 metre and 2 metres. They pack up and fit in a one metre bag which is shown to the right of the picture.

 Puppet Box - 堷ith Cymbal Stand and all fittings. ࠷ithout the stand and accessories (if you want to stand it on your table).


The puppet can pop out of the top and the roof falls back down or out of the side door and it springs back when he goes inside. Also the front roof can fold right back so you can interact with the puppet. The whole thing can sit on your table or be fitted onto a cymbal stand like lots of my tables.

Stick It Version 2       ⼯b>

This is a follow on from the prop I launches at Blackpool. After a prop has broken or failed to work you get out a tube of glue to repair it. First of all you can not remove the cap but when a child tries it comes off easily. Then, however hard you squeeze it no glue comes out until you turn away when the children will shout and tell you that the glue is coming out. Of course, as soon as you look back the glue disappears.

Eventually the string of glue comes completely out of the tube and sticks to your fingers. It then transfers from hand to hand until you finally manage to get rid of it. Depending on your acting ability, you will get a few minutes out of this.

The original idea was by Wilfred Tyler but has been much improved with additions by Bill and Ricky McLeod.

Pirate Chest Production Box           ༯b>

 Production Box based on a cross between a drawer box and a dove pan. Size of load chamber 6蠴蠴谬us curve of top) 

Recent Offs쯳pan>


Built a large Square Circle for someone doing a new stage show.

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I೵re you all know the trick where you have a piece of card with a zig zag cut. You pull it apart and when you put it back together there is a hole in the middle. Someone I was chatting to said they thought it would be more impressive if it was three dimensional 㯠I made one. If anyone is interested in buying it give me a call. It lends itself to various presentations. How did Houdini walk through solid walls 䵲n it round and say from his side there was a hole through it. If working schools possible a problem solving technique 馠you can೥e a way through try it from a different angle and a way through may appear.

A Tip Over box ordered at Blackpool.


Just before Christmas a customer ordered Michael Diamond͊Locked book of Dark Secrets and thought it was the best trick they had bought all year. They then decided that they would like a tray making that would switch a 20p coin. Collect 5 coins, four people take their coins back, the last one is tipped off and when the date is checked it matches a prediction on view from the start. I also though that the switched in 20p could have a small bend in it. Last coin tipped off into the hand, lots of concentration and then when the hand is opened the coin is warped.

Best Wishes till next time. 

David and all at Made to Measure Magic.

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