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Newsletter November 2011

Made to Measure Magic

Email Newsletter No 7. November 2011.

Hi there and welcome to edition No. 7.

News and Gossip

This time last year I wrote a few words about the Kidology and British Ring IBM Conventions in my newsletter and a recipient asked if he could quote from it in a paper he was writing for the committee of the IBM. That was fine by me but unfortunately the IBM did not seem to have changed anything so this year was a disappointment.

But first Kidology – attendance was down a bit this year and I’ll be honest and say my takings were down on the last few years but it was still the best day of the year as far as I am concerned. There were several faces missing who have been regular attendees in recent times so perhaps the line up was not attractive to them but it must be difficult to find lecturers who are interesting but not over exposed.

When I head that Practical Magic would not be involved in the future I had some concerns but am pleased to advise that Alec of Albion Magic will be running it on his own next year. He is asking for input from those who have attended in the past – particularly in connection with ‘Lecturers you would like to see, Format of the day, Subjects that could be covered, other ideas – please email your views to Alec at’.

Moving on to the IBM I was disappointed. The Dealers had a meeting with a representative of the committee at Eastbourne and as far as I was concerned (and others that I spoke to) it was agreed we would set up on Thursday and open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, when the dealers info came through it was announced that we would open on Thursday afternoon so we had to travel up on the Wednesday thereby incurring extra expenses. I am afraid that the organisers do not realise that the dealers are running a business (this is not just the IBM organisers but some other conventions as well). I was not going to attend but my son Andy, who now works and lives in London, said he wanted to go away with his dad for a few days so I agreed that I would attend if I didn’t have to pay him.

In reality, it was a good job we opened for a couple of hours on the Thursday afternoon because that was the only time we were busy and took any money.

I wonder what will happen in Great Yarmouth next year. There were only 21 dealers in attendance this year (including a couple I had never heard of ) and of the ones I spoke to only one said he would definitely be at Yarmouth. The rest said definitely not or they would have to think about it. As a commercial proposition it does not stand up but I did enjoy meeting up with some old friends.

It seems unlikely that I will be there next year as I had already agreed to attend the convention in Las Vegas that Paul Stone is organizing before I realised that the IBM is later next year and clashes with Paul’s event.

If anyone is interested in attending Paul’s event please contact me for more info.  

What sold well

Pretty much all the new items in last times Newsletter sold well particularly:

Trevor Lewis’ Clapometer. I have just two of the first batch that I made left. I will be making some more but it will not be until after Christmas so if you are interested – get in quick.

The Balloon Cabinet. I sold the prototype at Kidology and took orders for two more. There will not be any available before Blackpool so if you are interested please get in touch. The model has been improved and now comes on castors with a carry bag available.

Mel Mellers’ Flags sold well at the IBM – probably because Mel was there for part of the convention.

A couple of late offers for your Christmas shows

Tricky Micky’s Christmas Tree Shop (as an add on to my Card Shop/Gertrude trick) is £15 if you already have one of the other props in the range but until Christmas you can get it along with the basic prop for £40 (normally £50). Remember it also has a set of lollipops so you can do the trick all year round.

Steve Dimmers ‘When Santa got Stuck Up the Chimney’ was £30 – I have just 3 left and will let them go at £25 each


The next big event is Blackpool convention. I have finished all the orders that had to be done for Christmas so will be working on restocking and some new lines over the next few weeks.

One of the new lines is based on an idea given to me by a chap called Paul from Liverpool (sorry to say I can’t remember his second name but I will find it out). It is the old close up trick (is it called Bloxo or something similar) where 5 coloured blocks with holes are put into a box and a rod pushed through the holes. When the box is inverted the blocks, except the chosen colour, pass through the rod. Whilst this is a good item I have always found it more of a puzzle than a trick. Paul’s idea was to make it into a children’s trick by making the box into a lorry where the blocks fall out when goes round a corner. There is a picture below of my prototype. If anyone has any view on this as a new item I would love to hear from you. Am I wasting my time or could it be a seller?

Anyway that’s it for this time and I hope to get another Newsletter out early February with all my Blackpool releases.

Best Wishes till next time.

David and all at Made to Measure Magic.





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