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Newsletter October 2013

Made to Measure Magic

Email Newsletter No 14 - October 2013 

News and Gossip  

I intended to get this newsletter out before the IBM/Kidology Conventions but ran out of time so I will now be able to write a few words about each of them. 

Since the last newsletter the first event was the Trix in the Stix convention organised by Jeremy and Cheryl of Practical Magic. As this was the first one there was some wonder about how it would go but it was an excellent event. A great venue and very well organised with a full programme but still plenty of time for the Dealers. We arrived on the Monday afternoon and were able to get straight into the dealer room to get set up. There were various events on the Monday evening which were very well received by the attendees but we settled for a leisurely meal and a couple of drinks with Chris and Julie Cullen, who were helping me on the stand again. 

Tuesday was the main day of the convention. We opened at 9.00 and the first hour of trading until the first lecture was as busy as I can remember anywhere. Throughout the day trading was good. Both the lectures (John Kimmons and Terry Herbert) as well as the four mini lectures were appreciated by everyone I spoke to.  

My new releases all went well 穡nt Foam Wands, Puppet Boxes and Stick It version 2 all sold out but are back in stock now. Rabbit from Hat, Mutilated Umbrella, and Sock Bag all sold out but I have limited supplies again. There is a problem with Mutilated Umbrella, I have none of Umbrellas that I have been using for the last few years left and they are no longer available. I am seeking out a new supplier but in the meantime I have made up a couple of sets using another type of umbrella for anyone who needs to get their hands on a set to tide them over. 

I really enjoyed Trix and am pleased to report that Jeremy and Cheryl have asked me back for next year. So put the dates in you diary Ṡ and 20 May 2013. I understand that all tickets are already sold but Practical are keeping a waiting list for any cancellations so get your name on that. 

The venue for the IBM Convention was very pleasant and a lovely theatre but attendance was low and trade in the Dealer hall even quieter than usual. It has never been a money spinner but this year takings were lower than usual. 

Kidology was hot on the heels of the IBM and Alec had added a number of things to the programme which made it seem even livelier than last year. I was concerned that there might not be enough time for attendees to look round the dealers but I still did well so guess I had nothing to worry about. 

Davenports Magical Kingdom 

I took my 7 year old grandson over to Norfolk and visited the new Davenportॸhibition during the school holidays. I was quite impressed and if you are near would recommend that you visit. You first go on a short guided tour with talk of Scottĩscovery of Witchcraft and witches, etc. Then into the theatre for a 40 minute show by Roy Davenport. We then went into the caf頦or a snack before going on our way. It seemed a bit disorganised the day we called and apparently as part of the guided tour we should have seen some close up magic and a sideshow illusion (provided by Jon Marshall). We were able to go back and see these but some of those on our tour had already left and missed out. 

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My summary: For a magician well worth a visit. For a non magician 馠you are in the area worth a visit 粥at way to spend some time on a wet day. 

New Items 

Performance Area


Those of you who have watched Chris Cullenథrformances of various routines added to my website recently may have noticed the barrier that he uses to create the performance area. The barrier is best seen on The balloon Game but can also be seen on The Sock Bag. Well two people asked me to make a barrier for them on the strength of the video and I took another one to Kidology which sold immediately so I have decided to offer it as a standard item. There are a number of options so if anyone is interested, please give me a ring for more details. 

Force Die        弯b>


I have stocked large sponge dice for some time and have continually been asked if they can be gimmicked. They are now available with two number 5s (no 4) or two number 3s (no 2). This means if you get 6 containers with the numbers 1 to 6 on them (I can provide the vinyl numbers if you wish) and get the children to throw the dice 䨥y win whatever is in the container with the number that they throw. All the children get to have a go and when they have all won a prize you reveal that if any one had thrown a 4 (or a 2 in the second case) they would have received a really good prize. An ungimmicked die is available at ⠩f you feel the need to switch out the fake die.

Stick It/Fairy Dust/Toothpaste 

One of the advantages of buying from Made to Measure is that you can have variations to standard items for very little extra cost. I took two orders at Trix for variations on my Stick It trick. One for toothpaste and one for Fairy Dust. So if you ever want a variation to a standard item do not hesitate to ask.  

Elusive Skeletons ༯b>


I made these for IBM/Kidology. Michael Diamond took the first set and I now just have one set left. Great for Halloween shows at this time of the year or your pirate shows the rest of the year. 

Rabbit Production Cage ᰼/b>


This was always the trick I used to close my show when it was for older children. I havenਡd any in stock for a while but recently had an order for one so made two at the same time so I have one in stock if anyone is interested. Price ᰮ 

Legs Table


I made a Legs table for Dov Citron at the end of last year for use in his Queen of Hearts show (hence the hearts on the table legs) and he kindly sent me a couple of pictures of it in use. Thanks Dov.

Unpaid Items 

It happens about once a year and every time it does I say I wonଥt it happen again. Someone rings up and asks for something to be made. I usually take a deposit (although many people like to pay in full) but sometimes if it is a small item I donࢯther. Then when I contact them to say it is ready they have lost interest and never end up paying. As I say this happens about once a year. To date, I have always sold the item to someone else but I always say I젮ot let it happen again but it has happened again this month so if you do order something and I insist on a deposit donࢥ surprised.

Obedient Can 

A little while ago I sold one of these to Royston and I got a call from him to say that he had finally got round to putting it in his show and was surprised by the reaction it was getting. It seems that fathers, in particular, are taken by it and after the show the favourite explanation he is getting is that it is electronic and the switch is under his foot. We know better, don෥.                               

Recent Offs쯳pan>  

Magic Square


This was made for Steve Price and consists of a set of numbers and a board to make a magic square. All of the numbers have two magnets embedded so that they sit square on the board. Steve has an original approach to doing the Magic Square but, as he is not yet ready to release it �lips are sealed. 

Magic Painting Road Safety


This is a magic painting made with a roadsign. Perhaps those of you who do road safety shows may be interested  in having a particular sign made into a magic painting. 

I have done loads more one offs recently and will tell you something about them next time but feel that the newsletter is long enough and will close with a Christmas offer. 

Christmas Item ⡣e for the Stars 㰥cial Offer. Normally ஠Offer price ࠨNo dice included)


This is an item by Tricky Micky.

The competition is between 2 children or teams (gold team & silver team) the object is to decorate the tree with all 6 of their team's stars. They each take turns in answering a Christmas themed what colour is Rudolph's nose?...questions are really easyᠬist of up to 12 questions each suffices, but can finish after 7 questions each depending on luck!!). When they get the question right they drop the dice on the floor it reveals a number which then matches the number on a star衴 numbered star is placed onto the tree䨥 first few turns start to load up the treep>

SURPRISE ELEMENT!!! If then a team reveals the same number that has already been put onto the tree by their team 䨥n they forfeit that turn with no star on the tree....ALSO if that number has not been ALREADY selected by the OTHER  team䨥n the other teams star is placed onto the tree䈉S HELPS SPEED UP THE GAME ALSO ADDING DANGER TO THE GAME!!!!)

Eventually the audience are in a frenzy shouting for their teams number to be can be very often the case that the teams final winning star is placed onto the tree by the other team throwing the wrong number!

Tree and base splits in to three pieces for ease of transport. Bag provided to hold all parts together.

This item has not sold well although those that have bought it say that it plays very well.

It was ࠢut I will let them go for ࠢut at that price the dice is not included and you must provide your own. I can supply the large sponge dice if required. 


Best Wishes till next time.



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